TALKS - Tommy Hatwell

Tommy enjoys sharing his experiences of travel, photography, and adventure along with all the lessons between in a selection of inspiring and motivating talks. These talks will take you off around the world through the evening from the comfort of your own chair.

In his first talk, Around The World and Back Again, you will get an insight into Tommy's journey as photography allowed him to learn and explore the world around him. You will meet friendly faces from far off places, such as India, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa and see how relationships are the cornerstone of Tommy's passion and pictures.

For late 2019 a new talk, The Borehole, and Beyond pick's up where the first dropped you off, in Uganda. This talk goes a little deeper into the technical side of Tommy's photography and mindset, how he plans a trip, kit, logistics, working with people building relationships and turning the vision into reality and eventually the final image. 

Please click on a talk below to learn a little more... and please get in touch to ask any questions or book a talk at your Club, School, College, University, Festival, Event or after dinner speaking slot.  (Talks can be created /tailored with a specific audience and length in mind)


Thanks for a really absorbing evening travelling the world and meeting so many of your friends. I came away truly inspired to try and improve my own approach to photography.

L.W. Tavistock Camera Club

Hi Tommy, Just to say how much We enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday. Sometimes the Club have speakers who show good images without being able to present them in an interesting way or vice versa with not so interesting images being overhyped by the presenter. Your very good images were enhanced by your relationship with the subjects and your experiences in getting them. Well done and look forward to seeing you at the Club soon. 

Fantastic evening with great shots - TW

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  • Tuesday - Dartmoor
  • GB'S Alan Ward committing to it on the Nile Special in Uganda
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