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In this brand new talk for 2020/2021, I share the evolution of my photographic relationship,  adventures, and projects in Uganda. You will see some familiar faces from across the first 2 talks which seamlessly connect you right into talk 3.

Once again relationships are at the heart of my work as I share 4 incredible projects with you, each connects individuals, communities, and countries and brings together team THINK PEOPLE THINK STORY for their first big initiative very closely followed by their 2nd life-supporting initiative launched in March 2020.

You will join me for an evening of heartwarming human collaboration, a visual journey through behind the scenes videos, meeting the team, seeing our Images, guided by the stories, and insight into a journey sharing the power of photography to educate, motivate, mobilize, and support the mental and physical wellness of human beings.

Fuelled by communities, creativity, and cameras. Driven by humans, with humans, for humans. #thinkpeoplethinkstory

* To book or learn more please tap the link below or above to reach me directly or feel free to call 07940753321.

* This talk is available via ZOOM 2 x 45-minute sections, with plenty of time for questions.


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