A large part of my enjoyment in photography is sharing my experiences with others through workshops and talks. I do this at photographic clubs, schools, colleges and universities.

Talks can be tailored to a group's specific requirement, either utilising my world travel photography and adventures for an inspiring and very human journey or delivering a more technical, commercial side sharing a mixture of travel and my day to day work.

Alongside the talks, I like to spend time answering questions and looking through student portfolios and hearing about the stories or ideas students are working with and maybe offer any guidance if needed. 

Workshops can be very simple and usually its the best way to keep students focused and get them moving quickly onto the practical side of capturing images. Discussing the technical, ethical considerations for your intended subjects is vital to understanding what the students wish to create and share with the world. 

Feel free to get in touch and we can get together and plan and tailor a session to you and your group.


Cocktails of the day.
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