The Sleep Well Project took place in Banda, Acholi Quarters in Kampala, Uganda on 22/02/2020.

The project delivered 60 mattresses to 60 families, with 45 treated mosquito nets and bed sheets also delivered, alongside 31 blankets. Over 300 people will directly benefit from the kind support of 51 humans from around the world...

Okwebaka Bulunji - The Sleep Well Project is a creative collaboration inspired by the positive community work from the team at New Hope Dance Project Uganda [NHDPU].

One of the NHDPU objectives is to “develop and maintain physical and mental well-being of people in the community” they do this daily through dancing, yoga, acro-yoga, meditation, informal education, health education, leadership and communication sessions with all ages.

 We would like to join together to educate, support and deliver a healthier more restful night's sleep. With most families sharing open foam mattresses on a bed of bricks or on the floor attracting all manner of daily dust, dirt, bed bugs, and moisture; the negative mental and physical health effects are obvious.

This project is about the importance of good healthy sleep. Genuine human collaboration with a very simple objective to upgrade as many mattresses as we can to those with children who require them the most. 


How will we do this?

In January 2020 Tommy and the team at NHDPU will create a portrait photography studio somewhere in the Acholi Community Slum in Kampala. The studio will be built from mattresses new and old, and we will invite the community members and families who will be supported by this project to have their portraits made and share their stories.

These families/individuals will be the most in need of the new mattresses, sheets and mosquito nets. They will also get an educational laminated poster which on one side will share lots of information and the benefits of better sleep and keeping the sheets and mattresses regularly cleaned. The other side will share info about Okwebaka Bulujni Project and the NHDPU Community group.

Your support will be matched up with an individual or family, depending on their circumstance/living arrangement in some cases children will be able to share mattresses and bedding. 100% of your support will go towards purchasing the relevant Sleep Well items and be overseen by Tommy at every stage.

You will see and be part of the journey your support takes,  it's vital to this very human collaboration that you see exactly where your support goes and so you will meet the individual/family you delivered a better sleep too either in a short video and/or a portrait...

How you can support a sleep?

'Supporting a Sleep' is Simple,  Secure and Straightforward.

Level 1 is the minimum support level and would be great for an individual as the mattress is the priority. Level 2 would be an excellent way for a couple to join and support the project.  Level 3, you and your family or business team could support a Dream Kit to be delivered to a family in the project for just £45/$60.

If you divided a dream kit @ £45/$60 by 365 sleeps that's just 12p/16¢ per sleep for one year, the mattress will see many more nights of sleep than this. 


LEVEL 1 (INDIVIDUAL) - £20/$25 - A new single 6" deep mattress.  

By 'supporting a sleep' with a new mattress you will be gifting a more healthy comfortable sleep to one or more people in a family.

You will receive a digital portrait of the individual or family you supported.

LEVEL 2 - (COUPLE/FRIENDS) - £30/$40  - Mattress + Single treated mosquito net + A bed sheet 

Support Level 2 will help protect the sleepers from potential malaria delivering mosquitos, a bed sheet will also make it easier to keep the mattresses clean.

You will receive and digital portrait and a short video from the family/individual you supported.

LEVEL 3 - (FAMILY/BUSINESS/CLUB/CLASS) - £45/$60 A DREAM KIT Mattress + Single treated mosquito net + A bed sheet + Warm Blanket

After such hot days in Uganda, the nights can and do often get cold. Adding a blanket creates the "Dream Kit" at £45/$60 this will help to deliver a safer more protected and comfortable night sleep for an individual or up to 4 small children sharing a mattress.

Supporting a family with a "Dream Kit" you will receive a Digital and Printed 8x12 portrait and a short video from the family you directly supported.  

This project is an all-round collaboration, it doesn't work without any of us being part of it. All money will be deposited/transferred directly into a Natwest UK account OR secure Pay Pal specific to this project.

Tommy will be in control of the money 100% of the time and 100% of the funds will be allocated to purchasing the products.

Please follow the steps on the poster below and I look forward to sending your project code soon after receiving your email.

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