WORKSHOP AUGUST 17 - Tommy Hatwell


Next Date - TBC

The Dewerstone Valley holds many treasures, a beautiful woodland rising up from the meandering summertime River Plym, offering the photographer ample and fantastic options for photography.

Meeting for in the car park for a 10 am start we will walk over the bridge and into the woodland to spend time in the outdoor classroom learning both creative and technical approaches to outdoor photography, exploring the difference between looking and seeing and getting to know your camera a little deeper.

Putting the technical aspects together and into practice,  we explore the area with your camera set to manual and begin to really create the images you visualize. The exposure triangle gets a solid work out along with your mind and thumb as you get to grips with controlling all aspects of creating images in this wonderful outdoor arena.


Introduction to outdoor photography

Getting to know your camera-


Jpg, Raw, Tiff


Priority and Program Modes

Manual and Auto Focus 

Manual Exposure 

Exposure Triangle 

ISO, Shutter Speeds, Aperture

Depth of Field

Motion (Freezing, Blurring, Panning)

Image Processing Basics

Focusing on the most important functions of your camera, you will build your knowledge and confidently begin to control exposures in a fully manual way.

The workshop is predominantly practical with plenty of technical weaved in giving you a strong foundation and understanding of both your camera and the exposure triangle.

The aim of the day is to enjoy switching your camera into manual and your mind onto creativity,  with a deeper understanding as you begin turning your vision into great photographs.

This will be a fun and relaxed day of coaching and exploring your vision, your camera, and a beautiful location, limited to 8 people to maximize the learning experience. 

Workshop Fee £45pp Full Day

Extra Info. Please contact me if you have any questions...

Activity Level - Moderate +

Although there is an option for everyone, in general, the ground will be natural woodland and uneven with tree roots, moving around rocks and working our way up along the steep but accessible path to the Dewerstone Rock at the top of the hill.    


- Digital Camera, Mirrorless of DSLR with Manual controls

- Tripod [advisable]

- Solid footwear is advisable as you may wish to get more adventurous.

- Clothing appropriate to the weather

- Lunch, Drinks, and Snacks.

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