THE BOREHOLE GENERATION The journey continues for the borehole and beyond this time with our new project The Borehole Generation. For previous, current and future generations, the boreholes have and will continue to serve safe and accessible water to the community.  

My connection to this particular borehole runs deep, and upon returning to the village this year I saw it was completely overgrown, with some further investigation I found out that it had not been working since almost the time I'd left the previous year. This was the perfect time to explore the next chapter in the Borehole and Beyond Series with THE BOREHOLE GENERATION.

With some motivation and a 50/50 split the community mobilized the members into action, we had a mechanic come and assess the problem before we gave the go-ahead for a quick fix solution to get the water pumping from the ground once more.

This project will be expanded but in a world that’s on lockdown please just enjoy the community coming together to achieve stage 1, and I will share more when the time is right.

Filmed by Zuba, Karim, David, and Musa.


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