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From Smart Phone’s to GoPro’s, Compact to Mirrorless and DSLR’s the plethora of camera options available in the world is as strong as it is diverse. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages in any given situation for a desired outcome.

This two-hour fun creative session is designed specifically to get you up and running with your camera, demystify the menus, settings and jargon. Working at your pace, we can get technical or simply creative, the aim is for you to leave with a clearer understanding of how your creativity can drive your camera towards the images you desire to produce.

TIME: 2 hours | LOCATION: Plymouth/Tavistock Area 


This 4-hour workshop takes you deeper into the technical aspects of your chosen camera. Breaking specific elements down, you will learn how they individually impact on image creation before you bring them back together, to creatively control the images that you want to capture.

TIME: 4 hours | LOCATION: Plymouth/Tavistock Area 

Group Rate Available - Contact Tommy


The ultimate full day experience with your camera, Including everything from the 2 and 4-hour sessions we build and explore these subjects in more detail and with the extra time explore some different environments. Working confidently with your camera in manual mode for the second half of the day you will creatively be spotting and capturing images around you.

What separates one image from the next is post-production, we reflect and take time before the end of the session to pop a few of your images into Lightroom and discover the options available to enhance and bring your images to life, we look at output for printing and social media to make the very best of your images.

TIME: 7 hours | LOCATION: Plymouth/Tavistock Area 

Group Rate Available - Contact Tommy


You have grasped the basics, and have a pretty good idea how to swing your camera around capturing your favourite subjects producing images which your friends and family love, but you want more maybe something just isn’t clicking or you would just like to get your head around some new subjects, ideas and techniques.

[One to One or Small focused group] £50pp per two-hour block

TIME: 2 hours + | LOCATION: Plymouth/Tavistock Area 

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