Whether you've had your camera for a week a year or maybe even ten, this small group workshop day will give you a fantastic foundation to spend the rest of 2019 creating images that match your vision...

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EVENT: March Full Day Group Workshops [7hrs]

INSTRUCTOR: Tommy Hatwell


LOCATION: Tavistock 

DATES: Choose March 2 'or' March 3   

COST: £60 per person [ both days are the same]

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Mostly EASY, there will be plenty of walking.

EQUIPMENT: A DSLR, Mirrorless or bridge camera with manual controls. An optional tripod would be advisable but not essential. Spare batteries, Memory Card and a lens cloth.

WEATHER: TBC Hopefully Springy.

This group session is for anyone who would like to improve their photography in a fun and practical environment, usually, this day would be £120 1 to 1 but being part of a group session brings the cost down considerably and also brings you together with, like-minded photographers to all learn together.

The day

We will meet at Church Lane in Tavistock, starting out with a short session inside covering camera lingo, jargon, menus, and swiftly move into the technical aspects of your camera settings and how that magic box in your hand creates a photograph.

Heading outside we will have a session covering two really creative ways we can make interesting images. First, we will work with aperture and controlling Depth of Field in our images. The second will be shutter speed, controlling the movement we would like to creatively capture in our final images, depending on our subject.

By the afternoon you will be working with fully manual settings, 100% driving the camera toward the final images you envisioned.

The last part of the session we will upload your top image of the day and I will go through some basic processing tips to make the best out of your images.

Come along and join me for the day and begin the journey to getting those images you've always dreamed of! 

Some of the subjects covered in the day...

GET TO KNOW YOUR GEAR, [ jargon busting the menus, this option, that button, those dials, this lens, cool strap]

POSITION & PLACEMENT [ where you stand in relation to your camera ]

COLOUR [ the colour of light ]

COMPOSITION & FRAMING [ simple ways to add impact to your images anywhere anytime ]

EXPOSURE [ controlling the light + Histograms and Compensation ]

TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS [ Aperture’s, Shutter Speeds and ISO’s ]

POST PRODUCTION BASICS [ Taking your images to the next level ]

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