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Lightroom is an integral and powerful part of my post-production and delivery workflow, I believe it should be an extension of any photographers kit bag, but like many software programs, it can take a little while to find your way around.

This digital session is 1hr 30min and held through Skype, we use the shared screen facility and move step by step, from what we do before we even open the program right through to closing it down at the end of the session and all the fun stuff in between.

Lightroom is broken down into modules, each module has a specific task, in the session we will focus on the two main modules Library and Develop as these are where Lightroom comes alive. Whilst we will dip into the other modules for specific elements, you will have a lifetime to get explore those with the confidence that you already have the main two modules in the bag.

These sessions are practical and structured, we work along at your speed, with plenty of time for questions.     

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SET UP It’s super important to begin Lightroom in style, by style I mean an understanding of how and where it sits on your computer.

LIBRARY MODULE The library module is outstanding but can quickly go wrong if you don’t understand the setup process. Images can move around and even disappear into thin air, I will guide you through the pitfalls and share my personal preferences which work for me.

DEVELOP This is really the fun part, once we have your noodle around the Library module, we step up into the Develop Module, a place where the magic begins to happen, your excellent images become sensational and your dodgy ones (we all have those) become excellent.With so many options I guide you through a logical (logical to me) approach to post-production and driving the module to meet your image goals.

EXPORT When the time arrives to export your final images I show you various processes to achieve this, creating presets for multiple outputs and destinations. Thinking of hooking your Lightroom up-to social media for quick exports or to one of many websites such as Smug Mug I can show you how.

STORING AND BACK UP Once up and running you will have a good understanding of how Lightroom stores and handles your files, you will find it easy to moves files around, back up and duplicate images and feel secure in the knowledge your images, all of your edits and the adjustments are secure and in multiple locations.

On receiving your booking, I will be in contact to organise a time for the session that suits us both.


TIME - 1hr 30min 


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