The longest journey starts with a single step, photography is your journey and this full-day workshop is your first step into seeing and capturing your world, your way.

Your day will begin with a creative and technical introduction to digital photography, this will open, yet boggle your mind briefly before we head outside for the rest of the day putting a practical spin on the technical aspects of the craft.                         

Focusing on the most important functions of your camera, you will build your knowledge and confidently begin to control exposures in a fully manual way. The course is predominantly practical with a lot of theory weaved in giving you a strong foundation and understanding of both your camera and the exposure triangle.

The aim of the day is to switch your camera into manual and your mind onto creativity,  with a deeper understanding as you begin turning your vision into great photographs.

Workshop Day 10 - 5   

ONE 2 ONE - £150

GROUPS - Please contact for a group rate

Look out for special group day workshops organised every so often.

This day is limited to 6 people to maximize the learning experience please message me using the link below to book your place and ask any questions.  


- Introduction to digital photography

- Getting to know your camera

- Megapixels, Jpg, Raw, Tiff

- Lenses 

- Priority and Program Modes

- Manual and Auto Focus 

- Manual Exposure - Exposure Triangle - ISO, Shutter Speeds, Aperture

- Metering Modes 

- Depth of Field 

- Motion (Freezing, Blurring, Panning) 

- Image Processing Basics


Please do not hesitate to contact Tommy should you need further information

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