The ultimate full day experience with your camera, Including everything from the 2 and 4-hour sessions we build and explore these subjects in more detail and with the extra time explore some different environments. Working confidently with your camera in manual mode for the second half of the day you will creatively be spotting and capturing images around you.

What separates one image from the next is post-production, we reflect and take time before the end of the session to pop a few of your images into Lightroom and discover the options available to enhance and bring your images to life, we look at output for printing and social media to make the very best of your images.

Social Media and Websites - we cover some basic ground in displaying your images online, how to make the most of these image destinations.   

GET TO KNOW YOUR GEAR - jargon busting basics, the menus, this option, that button, those dials, this lens, cool strap

POSITION & PLACEMENT - where you stand in relation to your camera and subject

COLOUR -  the colour of light 

EXPOSURE - controlling the light 

TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS -  Aperture’s, Shutter Speeds and ISO’s

EXPOSURE -  confidently working in manual mode to make creative decisions based on your image goals 

COMPOSITION - Making Photographs - Spot and utilise Visual Elements with an understanding of how they add impact to your images 

POST PRODUCTION, PRINT, SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES - reflecting on the day we select a few of your favourite images and prepare them for both printing and social media outputs.

EQUIPMENT - Any Digital Camera with Manual  Controls 

LOCATIONS -  Tavistock or Plymouth weather dependant

GROUP SIZE -  MIN 1 -  Max 4  

FITNESS -  The session can be tailored to suit any level of fitness or ability

AGE - Any. Under 18? you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian - who is free to attend the session and learn along with us...or just read a book.

Are you a bigger group - Get in Touch

Once these sessions are booked we will arrange a time and day and location that works for us. 

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