Earlier this February (2018) a friend put me in contact with Brian at Jomaar Safaris, I was looking for a specific itinerary with the potential for extra people to jump on board at the last minute. Meeting Brian at his Jinja HQ I was instantly reassured by his knowledge and humor when we were discussing the options. We worked hard to create a wonderful 3-day experience from Jinja to Murchison Falls and back.

With two people joining the group the evening before we departed the trip was all set for five-plus our guide. When Amon our guide rocks up in his safari hat along with his cool calm persona and vast knowledge at 4 am you know the trip is on. The route would take a trip to the top of the incredible Murchison Falls before catching the last ferry to the Northside of the river into the park.


This was where the bespoke itinerary came into action, we would camp in the National Park itself, giving us the opportunity for a quick nighttime safari drive before having dinner at the local ranger's quarters and sleeping in our fireside tents surrounded by the wilds of Africa. Waking at 5 am we were on our sunrise safari drive by 6 am a full hour before the first ferry even picked up people from the Southside.

The wagon was perfect for us to hang out of the roof as we moved through the park, offering an elevated view of the area as we watched elephants, giraffes, lions, and all the smaller wildlife waking up to another day. After lunch, we took a boat trip to the base of the falls, along the way seeing a whole host of wild animals, hippo, elephant, and giraffe all drinking from the Nile whilst crocodiles basked in the shade to cool down. After the 2 hour trip, we were right back into our sunset safari drive and the 3rd of the trip.

Not many things leave me content, but hanging out of our safari wagon's roof, with my camera, a few friends, and the potential of seeing some beautiful wildlife, and the African sunsets is one of those times that does. This night we stayed on the Southside of the river, had some nice food and drinks, and shared stories and photos from the day. Amon joined us with his milk, that guy loves his milk:)

The final day isn’t just a sprint home, we headed out on our 4th Safari drive, this time on the Southside. Soon enough it was time to head back towards Jinja, our Safari did carry on as we hung out shooting pictures from the roof before then dropping into the Rhino sanctuary for lunch and a quick high five with the White Rhino… do you know why they’re called white Rhino…I do!

The ability to tailor our adventure using the vast experience and hospitality of Brian, Amon, and Jomaar Safaris meant our journey was bespoke, allowing much more safari time than other safari agents. All of our meals were included and the car was loaded with fresh fruit and water so we knew we wouldn’t be hit with any extra costs besides some beers. A big part of the trip was to create an itinerary that would work with photography tours, It's safe to say that I look forward to speaking with Brian about future endeavors together. Thanks

Brian, Amon, Jomaar Safaris.

David on Watch
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