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The talk was a superb mix of social life, the hopes, and desires of your contacts, serious issues and humorous anecdotes. It demonstrated how a small thing to us, can make a huge difference to another's life. It was also very interesting to hear how your shots were made, the gear you used and the post-production work.

Rod - @Tavistock CC

The Borehole and Beyond follow's on from where, Around the World and Back Again left Tommy, standing on the porch of his village home about to leave Uganda with a vision in his mind and a question of how he would bring it to life.

Tommy delivers deeper insight into his African adventures. Sharing the people, stories, and mindset behind the images and breaking down the creative and technical journey from the planning to the printing and everything in-between.

Delving into the photographers’ mind before, during, and after the many moments in this ever-evolving creative and personal relationship with Uganda, the evening will be a visual experience with plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way and hopefully, you will leave feeling inspired towards your own photographic journey.

Although technical in places, non-photographers will still thoroughly enjoy this talk and draw inspiration from the journey,  stories, ideas and passion weaved into the talk.

Technical Details - 

AUDIO/VISUAL  Presentation


Requires ZOOM.  OR in person a Projector/Large Screen with HDMI.

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