THE BOREHOLE - Tommy Hatwell


Each evening they would come along from all directions, arriving with 1,2,3 or more yellow plastic jerry cans ready to be pumped full of water from deep underground. The little guys would have the small trainee jerry cans, some creating make-shift trailers attaching a rope to old jerry cans chopped in half to drag the full ones home on.

I watched day after day, this was life; but more than that it was a time for all the children to come together socially and play at the end of another hot Ugandan day. In 2017 I left with an Idea which continued to grow throughout the following year, In 2018 I returned and I knew what I wanted to create but logistically it was not going to be easy.

The first attempt did not go so well and I pulled the plug halfway along, a few days later and just before leaving for home I organized round 2 and with the help of some ‘Sweety Bomb’ lollipops and local friend David who was both translator and light-stand, within 20 minutes had what I hoped were all the shots to pull this mammoth image off.

Over the next year, I processed the image, bit by bit, on and off and finally just before Christmas 2018 It was ready to make its return to the village in 2019.

Enjoy the Image, the borehole returns film and some behind the scenes images all shot by David - @davidjohnhatwell on Instagram.

Comments welcome below!

Weebale Nnyo,



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