Dream Studio follows on from 'The Borehole' - we all have dreams, and whilst I'm lucky enough to be living mine, I was intrigued to find out what these youngsters thought about their future and their dreams.

Earlier in the day, I employed my housemate Murshid and neighbour Zuba to create the dream studio from old and new banana leaves. By 5 pm they had done a fine job and I began to set up.

The dream studio came about after I met 4-year-old Mariam, We had met in 2017 and 2018, but now she was a little easier to communicate with. Her jumper on the first day I met her had dream written across it, so the nickname stuck and this project evolved from here.

It wasn't long before I heard a lot of craziness coming my way, over the next 30 minutes as the sun was setting across the garden each young human took a turn in the dream studio, following their session they would find Affuwa, and she would ask them, What is your Dream? She would then add this to their name and age in my journal so it could be put together with the prints and easily identify each person even after getting home.

Dreams included Doctors, pilots, nurses, teachers, soldiers, hairdresser, policewoman, lawyers, drivers, and dancers.

Enjoy the short film shot by David and edited by me.

Tracey is the girl below with the red flower crown, this was her idea and I chose to use slightly more styled lighting set up to create a beautiful portrait maximizing the eyes and the crown.

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